Top 4 Hairstyles for Little Ladies

Top 4 Hairstyles for Little Ladies

November 09, 2020

We've gone ahead and rounded up your favourite hairstyles for little ladies that are timeless, quick and (most importantly) easy! 
If you're like me - hairstyle challenged - nothing makes it harder than trying to entertain an (albeit cute), squirmy pre-schooler while doing their hair. So we thought we'd help ourselves and everyone out by rounding up some of our top customer favs in one simple spot. 
1. au natural 
Simply brush through in the morning and secure those little fly-away's to the side with one, two, or three Callie Clips. This makes the morning hustle and bustle super quick and is perfect for those Monday Morning's where, let's be honest, we're all grumpy, tired, and slow moving. 
2. pigtails
This style never goes out of style and is quick.
Simply use a spray bottle of water to dampen their hair, a fine tooth comb too separate into two even pieces, and secure with an elastic band. Add two Adeline's or a pigtail set and she's ready to take on the day. From there, feel free to leave as is (our personal fav), braid, or wrap into top knots! Not sure how to do a top knot? Don't fret; #3 has got you covered. 
3. Top Knot.
We live for top knots around here -- mom's got a top knot every day; why not spread the love? There's nothing cuter than a top knot on an even cuter little lady. It seriously does not get any easier than this.
Use that spray bottle of water to dampen their hair, and pull it all back into a pony. Instead of pulling all of the hair through though, pull the pony halfway through and leave some strands out. The accessory choices are endless for this one; but our fav is the Everleigh Bow right underneath that adorable bun! It looks sweet AND helps to keep those fly-aways from escaping the top knot. 
4. Half Up Pigtails.
If your daughter is like mine and her hair is taking it's time growing in (or they've decided to cut their own hair), half up pigtails are perfect! They're simple but look adorable. That cute factor is 10/10 for half up pigtails, for sure.
To achieve this look takes a tiny bit more time, but we promise you can still complete it in under 3 minutes. Using a fine-tooth comb, part hair in the middle, Then, section one side from the outside edge of their eyebrow, back to the ear and secure with an elastic band. Do the same on the other side and you'll find yourself with two mini pigtails! Again, feel free to braid, do a tuck under (that's my favourite), knot them, or leave them as is. Our recommendations for these adorable pigtails are our new mini Emmy Pigtail sets! How sweet!!
What are your favourite hairstyles for your little ladies?
Try these ones out and let us know if you love or leave them! 
xoxo, FBK



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