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forEver Baby&Kids strives to be a socially responsible business. A significant part of our mission is to support babies, kids, and families through charitable donations on a seasonal basis. In order to help as many different organizations and initiatives as possible, we have chosen to support a different organization each season that falls under the umbrella of "supporting families". 

For our Spring Collection, we were able to donate over 200 diapers to the Sudbury Women's Centre. You can find more on that here

We are so pleased to announce Summer Collection Charity Ambassador; Meg Kant.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Meg over iced tea at local coffee house Twiggs, and we had a really, really great chat. We talked about business, life, babies, and teething. I can see why so many women and couples feel comfortable putting their birth plan into Meg's hands. Meg is the perfect combination of calm, authentic, and professional. Meg was also super sweet when our little love Everleigh had a *slight* meltdown in the middle of the coffee shop and threw her food all over the floor. She laughed and said "I love hanging out with other moms, they just get it!" 



About Meg Kant and Northern Mama Maternal Services

Meg Kant is a doula and the founder of Northern Mama Maternal Services; a collective of Maternal Support Providers who are dedicate to making pregnancy, birth and the early days of parenting as stress-free as possible for families in Northern Ontario. 

Meg is the proud mama of two happy boys – whose journey into motherhood was not an easy one. Her first pregnancy ended in a late-stage miscarriage, and she suffered from antenatal depression during her second pregnancy. (You can read about her story in more detail here.)

The silver lining of her difficult experience was that she developed a deep interest in, and passion for, childbirth – which ultimately led her to become a doula and launch Northern Mama.

A significant part of Northern Mama Maternal Services is the "Therapy Fund", which we have chosen as our Summer Collection's Charity of choice.

Everyone deserves to feel good throughout pregnancy and the postpartum period – but the reality is that the cost of support is a barrier to many in our community. 

Through the Therapy Fund, more moms will be able to access support through Northern Mama's Perinatal Therapist, providing support in: 

Postpartum Mood Disorders ( Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, OCD)
Anxiety and Depression During Pregnancy
Pregnancy Loss

We are so thankful to Meg and her team for providing such a vast array of support to mama's in Northern Ontario.

Click below to find out even more on Meg and her team at Northern Mama Maternal Services! 



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