Behind the Brand


I'm Jess, and together with my husband Matt we created forEver Baby&Kids. 

Matt and I have been married for just over 2 years, and we have a little girl named Everleigh who's almost 14 months! We also have two kitties; Albert and Rio. 

Fun Fact: Outside of spending time with the fam, I like to watch real crime documentaries, I teach dance, love taking afternoon naps, and enjoy hiking!  

I named our business forEver after Everleigh, and because our accessories are made to grow with your child and are timeless!           

thats me below with my newest tattoo!  

forEver Baby&Kids is a children's lifestyle accessories brand catered to play and fancy. Our collection is made to be timeless, classic, and unique.    

When I fell pregnant with Everleigh, I began shopping for accessories the moment I found out we were having a girl. Much to my dismay (but mostly Matt's dismay), I spent WAY too much money on hair accessories. Most of the time I thought they were too gaudy or big. And, if I did find some I liked, she outgrew her hair accessories like crazy. If she didn't outgrow it, it would break. We were spending way too much, so I did some creative digging and started making them. 

I began making them just for Everleigh, then gave some to family + friends, and finally around Christmas when Ev was 7 months old after some external encouragement and a little bit of wine, decided they were good enough to sell. I come from a Human Resources background, and really felt I just wasn't thriving; not because of the company, or because of the work I was doing, but because of ME. 

In my corporate career I wasn't getting what I needed. I thrive on a flexible work schedule, flexible work duties, an ever-changing kaleidoscope of opportunities and initiatives that just doesn't come in the Human Resources world. 

I wanted to create something MORE than just a hair accessory business, I wanted to create a brand. A place where people can be their authentic self with no apologies needed, a place for moms, aunts, and grandmothers to connect with other likeminded women, a place to get unique handmade accessories, and a place that gives back to our community. 

So I jumped in! We launched our business in the late winter and never looked back.

We built our business around 3 pillars: 


We are so happy to make quarterly donations to various organizations that support families, children, and babies. You can read more about that on our website. 

Matt, Everleigh and I would like to thank you all for your continued support. I love the life that we are leading and are so happy you're on this journey with us! 





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